Oral health basics: Symptoms and causes

Everyone learns the basics of oral health care from their childhood. However, the implementation of the brush twice daily, floss and rinse is problematic even in adulthood. Taking care of our dietary intake is also a vital process that we ignore. However, we must follow these basics for overall health.


Ideally, one should have regular dental check-ups and follow-ups with their dentists even without symptoms showing. The main symptoms that get people running to the dentist are usually toothaches, swollen, receding or bleeding gums which sometimes have white spots on them, bad breath and swelling or pain in the cheek or jaw. Another common symptom is the sensitivity of the teeth. Be it while having your morning coffee or if you’re having your favourite flavour of ice cream, if you can’t enjoy it because of the heat or cold, then you are suffering from sensitivity. When you have a dry mouth always, that can be a symptom as well.


There are a wide variety of oral illnesses. The most common ones are

  • Toothaches or cavities
  • Gingivitis or gum diseases
  • Sensitive teeth and broken teeth
  • Periodontitis or pain in the cheek or jaw.
  • Oral cancer


The first and frequent cause for all of your oral health problems are the bacteria, viruses and fungi that accumulate in your mouth through the food you eat and stay there due to poor dental hygiene. They produce acids that can erode the enamel of the tooth as well as cause cavities. This, in turn, is experienced by the individual as toothaches. If you feeling extreme amount of pain one dentist you can rely on is dentist richmond hill to help solve your problems.

These bacteria can also accumulate in the tooth cavities as well as the gums and cause plaques and a condition called gingivitis.

Other causes of poor oral health can be due to certain unhealthy habits that we may have such as using tobacco, alcohol and increased sugar intake in your diet. These habits can include inadequate brushing and flossing as well. In addition to this, certain hereditary or genetic factors come into play as well. Infections like HIV can also cause poor oral health. Something that people overlook as a cause of poor oral hygiene is the medications that they take, their frequent snacking habits and even certain medical conditions such as diabetes.

It is essential to follow these basics and be vary of the symptoms and causes so that it becomes possible to prevent high-risk issues as well as make sure that any existing dental trouble does not grow exponentially.